Boris Sichon

Boris Sichon was born in the Ukraine, where he finished Musical High School, in the study of percussion instruments. He left his home town for St.Petersburg to continue his musical education in the Academy of Music. During his studies he started working in the St.Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, where he worked with well known Russian conductors such as Yevgeny Mravinsky, Shostakovich, Badchan, Karapetian and many others.

After graduation form the Academy, Boris was invited to join the Jewish chamber musical theatre in Moscow as a stage musician and actor. After six years Boris left the theatre for a five year period of work as stage musician, dancer, and singer in the main Russian National Folkloric Band. During this period he had an opportunity to visit and perform in 25 different countries, on 5 different continents, where he started to collect traditional local instruments and learned to play from well known native musicians.