Roma Gry

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Our goal is to bring the culture, music, and dance of the Romani people alive. Our shows are appropriate for all ages and we frequently perform at festivals, concerts, and private functions across Vancouver and British Columbia.


Why we’re unique:

- We combine live music and dance in every show;
- Our performers include all ages;
- Our troupe performers are from all over the world; together we celebrate the music, dance and folklore of the Romani people who are able to maintain their distinctive and beautiful culture in many places around the world.

Our mandate:

- To uphold and make available to others the culture of the Romani (Gypsy) people, including the passion, character and history of their dance, music, and folklore;
- To share the Romani culture with others in the community through dance classes, training workshops, live performances and professional demonstrations;
- To teach our members and audiences the importance of diversity, the history of the Romani people, and respect for all cultures.