Volunteering with the Multi-Cultural Festival is a rewarding experience and a great

way to support the festival!


Volunteers are the heart of any Festival. We value volunteering as a means forpeople to share, learn, and connect with our community. We greatly respect the time, skills and dedication that our volunteers will bring to the Festival.

We are committed to providing appropriate and safe responsibilities, applicable orientation and training, effective leadership, fair evaluation and meaningfulrecognition for all volunteers as well as the opportunity to grow, create and engage with others.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Irina:

604-882- 7305, e-mail: irinab595@gmail.com

Our coordinator will discuss with you how many hours you can be available, as well as before-during- after festival, what type of duties you can expect, etc. After you accepted on a team, your Coordinator will go over duties and expectations.

Thank you!

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